Thursday, 24 January 2008


I made up this poem when I heard the meaning of this word from a friend!

Testosterone building mind racing,
Eyes flitting with what he is facing,
Such a contrast to the calm air,
He must be alone to roam in his lair,
Inner turmoil of what he has done,
His path to doom cunningly spun,
But what should he care his prize in sight,
His chest all of a sudden tight,

A cloak of fear encloses him,
It drapes him limb by limb.


Mr Wallis said...

The first two lines are excellent. After that, it becomes a bit predictable. I think that you need to continue the ambiguous nature of the first couplet further.

Sonic Death Monkey said...

Ive changed the poem now so that it hopefully isnt so predictable! :P