Tuesday, 15 January 2008

something different

i have so far just been developing the one story but i reckon i should really have more than one idea so here goes.

She was always careful not to look to good, nor too bad. Her hair was straight, her clothes all bore familiar brands. She never talked too loud. She never excelled at anything. She was no-body, a nothing, a non-entity, she simply did not exist.

These were the ways in which she had taught herself to survive. For surely if her parents, her own mother had not wanted her, she must be nothing. She told herself this every day of her life, no matter what her 'family' said.

I'm planning to try out some other ways to introduce the same kind of theme but this will be fine for the moment.

1 comment:

Furfag said...

Interesting, you're going to have to post again soon to satisfy the questions you've created here. Why does she feel lonely? Who is she? I'm slightly confused too, si this linked to your other work?

My only critisism is that you've used "she" too often at the beginning of sentences.