Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Some more

Here's a poem about rivers, to follow up the last one.

Running from the hills
Like a magnet
Fleeing from its opposite pole,
They follow the shapes in the land.
Can their fears be
Washed away?
They grow inevitably as they
Flow from the source
And try to leave behind
The past.
Only if they come together
Will a few reach the goal.
The others must wait.

And the next one will have something to do with the sea.

1 comment:

Mr Wallis said...

On the first reading I really wasn't too sure of this. However, after reading it again I like the feeling of despair that you have created (hopefully that's intentional!). It feels too short though, but maybe that's deliberate to reinforce the message. A nice follow up to the first poem. Looking forward to reading them as a collection