Friday, 25 January 2008

another poem

This one is about the sea. As with the others, I haven't decided on a title yet.

The deep blue stretches out endlessly,
Interspersed with miniscule whales
Just as its mirror image is dusted with clouds.
A hint of darkness lingers
Unseen on the horizon.

A frail fishing boat sits on the sapphire glass,
Illogically comfortable with the knowledge
That this thin layer may shatter,
Sending it down to a world
Of camouflage and lanterns.
Trust ensures balance.

A band of yellow separates the blue and green,
Shimmering softly in the sun.
The barrier formed by these grains of powdered rock
Is truly the final frontier.
And there is us.

So now that leaves me two more poems to write. The next one will involve a storm in some way.


krysia said...

I cant offer you any advice about how poems should be written as Higher English for me was a long time ago! (although I did consider becoming an English teacher, phew, glad I didn't Tech is much better) ;-)

Anyhow, I really liked how you try to capture the vastness of the ocean. If I could offer u a thought for this poem (or others) I would like to hear about the never ending cycle of nature. I.e how waves will always crash in against the shore or how all the currents connect with each other and how the tide will always come in and go out.

Nice work anyway, I've enjoyed reading so far!

master of the obvious said...

Ah, thanks for reading. Overall, it does work in a bit of a cycle (I've since posted the last two "parts") but perhaps I could fit in some more references to that in this poem. Thank you again!