Monday, 14 January 2008

finally a character

so far i've been avoiding adding in a character because i didn't want to go in to lots of detail and realise that they just didn't fit the story. but now i have decided that i've probably built up enough clues to get the character right.

Into that iron drizzle of the world outside stepped a tall, dark figure. He whipped his flimsy anorak hood over his head almost before he left the doorway. Without so much as a backward glance he was gone, into the dark streets beyond.

From another doorway a woman emmerged. Her hair was swept up with a rubber band showing her chalk pale skin and dark, tired eyes. Her eyes flitted momentarily to the bare window across the street, before she too left. Her steps were less certain though no less urgent. Her earlier haste meant that already she was soaked to the bone, though at least she had rembembered the last page, the one she knew he would come back for.

it was quite difficult to describe the characters and their purpose to the story whilst not giving too much away, if there is any way in which you think it could have been better, help is always welcome?

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