Thursday, 24 January 2008

other ideas

Maybe a bit more character centered this time.

Every word they speak is always derected at me, not too me. Those words are always loud like the slamming of doors and cheery like morning cartoons. They treat me as though I am fragile as a china doll, seem terrified of making me cry. Oh, I can cry. I can howl like a wolf in a whistling wind and shed enough tears to fill the Nile but that's all only an act. i'm a great actor, me. Almost every day so far I have smiled and giggled when they say those sickly sweet lines. I have also learnt that its best to play dumb when they ask their questions because that way the unwanted enquiries sease. Enquiries that provoce memories, of times that didn't really happen, I'm sure, because not even the best story teller would think to tell such horrible, angry stories. maybe that's how i know the're true.

So bit different this time.

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