Thursday, 24 January 2008


My creative piece has to be in by monday so I'm still trying out different story ideas before I finally decide on the final topic.

Fierce, angry cold snuck its way uninvited in through the neck of her jacket and gripped her bones. Air bit sharply at her throught causing her breath to become jagged as icicles. Tugging her insufficiant murky-brown jacket ever tighter round her slight frame she hurried along the slippery street.

From a top floor window a pair of stormy eyes watched. They saw how she dissapeared into the passanger seet of a blua volvo. They also noticed that same car turn the corner and leave her familiar street. What those eyes failed to observe was the bag she had dropped on the pavement. This was because almost as soon as it was dropped, a pair of sneaky, eager hands had retreived it. A pair of undeserving and dangerous hands.

Not so sure about this but the more ideas the beter. I could also adapt this to fit in with the original idea if that works.

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