Thursday, 10 January 2008

And to continue

Those hints are really helpful, thanks.

A bare, solitary window showed the iron drizzle of the world beyond and cast a dreary
grey light over the empty room. The room itself was empty apart from those papers, a bed with covers tossed hurredly over it and a raincoat hung on the back of the door. There were no personal items, no photos, no posters, not even a clock. The coat however was interesting. It was a long, grey and looked even more ancient than the carpet that barely covered the floor. Its pockets were deep and bursting. A long-since forgotten good-luck charm, a lenght of forest green twine,a packet of polo mints and the dried petals of a red rose were just a few of the items they held.

An atempt at describing the setting and hinting at the character but trying to retain the mystery?

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Furfag said...

Reading these just makes me wish that we had been able to do creative writing for my higher. I must say I like the effect you've used describing the coat after all what can you say about someone by what you find in their pockets? I'm looking forward to the next one.