Thursday, 10 January 2008

Starting points

Just had some ideas and a plot line for my story. Basically it is about a man walking and sometimes managing to steal a lift from a passing car. Because of this he meets some interesting people.

Setting - a road and several different cars that emphasises the drivers personality.

Characters - Wendell Dawson is the main character of the story. While walking in the pouring rain, trying to get a lift to his destination, (not sure where that is yet) he meets many different and interesting people. Some kind, some intelligent and some simply trying to be helpful.

Wendell - traveller
Dawson - son of David

Kerry - a bit of a blonde, still thinks Tony Blair is 'Chancellor' and that it was President Bush that was executed for war crimes in Iraq. Therefore an interesting discussion ensues with her trying to act intelligent (and Failing).

Arnold Thomson - a bank manager who is rather flushed and late for a "Very important interview with a very important client which i am not aloud to say the name of as that would breach client confidentiality."

Carl Farbrook - an extremely witty man that keeps coming up with interesting and sometimes rather immature jokes.

Amy and David - a young newly married couple that decide to help Wendell. (Not sure what they are going to be like yet)

He shivered violently as the freezing winter water ran down his back. Looking behind him, he noticed he hadn't really covered much ground. Snow was everywhere and the trees of the forest that surrounded him where whispering quietly. A car passed and made fresh tracks in the white dust so that he could see the black of the asphalt. The man continued walking, preoccupied with his own thoughts. He didn't notice as a car pulled up beside him and he didn't notice as the driver rolled down the window, however he did notice when the driver shouted at the top of his lungs "Hey mister! You need a lift?" In fact he almost jumped out of his skin.

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